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Back to School Bash!! Rising Stars and Community

Our community is starting to grow.  Proof of this growth was seen at the Back-to-School-Bash in Beer Sheva Park on August 11th.  Many people grew up in this community, and many have lived here for over 35 years.  This means, things have been changing in the community.  The arts play a big part in this positive change.

Christen Blackwel in the Langston Hughes production play, “Wake Up”


At the Back-to-School-Bash Christen Blackwell played a leadership role as a citizen journalist reporting on the arts.  Christen is also part of the arts world as a singer, actress and dancer.  You’ve probably seen her in one of many community plays.  Christen began her love for the arts in 7th grade, following her sister’s and mother’s footsteps.  So if you hear about a community play, you might see Christen in it.

Robin is another example of positive change in the community.  Robin has been teaching choreography at Northwest Tap.  Robin is a very passionate dancer.  He started his dancing between his transition of doing lighting design and spoken word.  He began to realize that dancing made him feel free in his emtions.  He loves dance more than anything else, well, as he would say “second to eating.”  Robin demonstrated his leadership and dancing ability at the back to school bash performing to the song “Crave You” by the Flight Facilities.

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Hello my name is Taya Heyward i am a senior at Rainier Beach high School am very active in the arts i do Drill team and i am a singer . i love being around positive energy and am very outgoing

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