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My Name is Ariel Anderson. I'm a senior at Franklin High School. Writing is my life. Its how i escape , how i cope with my problems and express my feelings. Joining FreedomNet is helping me with my writing. i aspire to be a writer , it doesn't matter if I'm writing books or writing for blogs, its What I'm Here To Do.

Abebech Endalew

Hi, My name is Abby!


Hi there my name is Asha Hassan. I'm a freshman at Rainier Beach High School.writing is one of my favorite things to do it's how I cal down with my problems and express my feelings. Joining freedom net was one of the coolest things of me doing cause it's all about writing.

Ahlaam Ibraahim

Ahlaam Ibraahim is a senior at Rainier Beach High School. She started the Viking Shield Newspaper when she was a freshman and has been passionately writing about her community ever since. When she is not writing about important events, she can be found organizing future important events through ASB. She looks forward to studying journalism in college next year.

Ahmed Abdi

Akea Gaines

My name is akea gaines. I am a sophomore at rainier beach high school. My interest is working , photography and arts and music.

Alexis Jackson

As an engagement worker, Alexis gained experience with community engagement beautification, nutrition, public safety, social media, and surveying.

Alexx Komotios

Anthony Velasquez

Anthony Started working for freedomnet a few years after departing from ranier beach where he attenned an alternative school called willie stewart acadamy, it was then he became inspired to take up peotry and writing as a creative outlet. He also likes cheese and psychology


Bahsan Ahmed

Bahsan "B" Ahmed is currently a Youth Engagement Worker with RBAC. She is studying at the Seattle Vocational Institute to become a Registered Nurse, and among her journey to get her education, is her tenacious, vibrant, colorful and creative personality, as she is an Aquarius. She's not afraid of failing, as she vocalizes as an affirmation in her daily life, she loves to try new things, and meet new people. The future is bright for this young woman.

Beria Heyman

Beria Heyman is 15 years old and was born in Louisville Kentucky, raised in Seattle Washington. She enjoys writing because it's an escape from everyday life. When she is not writing she is listening to music or cooking.

Biftu Shube

Brandon Vaughan

Current South Seattle College student and Rainier Beach community staple Brandon Vaughn is a force to be reckoned with. Born in Colorado Springs, CO he came to Seattle with his mother in hopes of a fresh start. As he is a libra, he strives to create fairness and equality for those in his community. His goal after college is to make a career in professional football through sports management.

Brianna Jakes


I am Christen Sabrina Blackwell and I am junior at Rainier Beach Highschool!!! I am a Freedomnet journalist for the Rainier Beach community. What I plan to graduate from high school with a nice GPA of A's and B's!!!!!!!!! Also going out of state for college to experience my own life out of Seattle Washington.


Christopher Hoang-Dawson



Cristal Orea

Da'Lite Williams

Dalite Williams is 17 and was born in Seattle,Wa. She enjoys writing to share her own personal vision with others. When she's not writing she enjoys drawing and listening to music.

Da'Shayla Cheatham-Wells

Hey my name is Da'Shayla Cheatham. I'm a sophomore at Cleveland High School. I have many interests. I write poetry, I write songs, I dance. I'm not that into sports but I love Basketball & Volleyball. I am a proud worker for RBSG. I love writing. I have a passion for voices, for words, for music. Everybody deserves a chance to be heard, everybody is a somebody. I hope you enjoy my articles as much as I enjoy writing them.

Daishun Tyler

Danyael Dara

Dave Pierre

My name is Dave Pierre. I play basketball for Franklin High School. I play small forward and I'm a freshman.

Davon Fuller

Diego Reyes


I am a social butterfly, a poet, and a hard working athlete. I am a great amateur boxer. I am a family man with big dreams, such as creating my own movies some day and helping people through media. I love being in my community helping however I can. I am a visionary with much ambition. I earn my opportunities and take full advantage. I have a huge humble heart and a deep logical mind with a positive outlook and attitude. I love learning, and I know I have many more talents and dreams I have yet to discover about myself.

Dunia Adan

Ebrahima Tambadou

Meet Youth Engagement Worker Ebrahima "EB" Tambadou. Currently attending Cleveland High School, his goal after graduating is to work in animation or the tech field. He's also very skillful at video editing and is proud of his Gambian-American heritage.


Emily Au

Emma Boyd

Esmhan Omar

Hi, My name is Esmhan!

Fatima Kabba

Fatima is a journalist, poet, and podcaster who continues to grow while working as a Corner Greeter at RBAC.

Fatima Omar

Fatima Tambadou

Fatima Tambadou is a current student at Cleveland High School. A goal of hers is to pursue a path to become a Registered Nurse after graduating. She was born in the Bronx, and is always steadfast to her roots. One of her favorite things is Pizza, and making her community a safe place.

Gabbie Price

Gada Ahmed


Editor-in-Chief, SE Seattle FreedomNet

Guadalupe Velasco

Guerlande Valcin

Hailemikael Yirdaw

As a Farm Stand Fellow, Hailemikael gained experience with community engagement, food justice, teamwork, social media, and surveying.

Hani Ahmed

Hani "Honey" Ahmed, a recent graduate of Rainier Beach High School is currently studying at Central Washington University. Honey's goals for her journey in college is to become an RN and give back to her community with her resources.

Hani Ahmed

Hawi Ali

Hudda Hursi

Hi, my name is Hudda!

Hyatt Mumin


Isaiah Bridges

Hi, my name is Isaiah Bridges and I'm a senior at Franklin High School

Jacky Truong


Jeremiah Conyers

Jeremiah Willis

Jesiah Marks

Jessica Croone

Jessica gained experience with community engagement beautification, nutrition, public safety, social media, and surveying as an engagement worker.


I'm Jequan Hayes. I'm a senior at Lindbergh High School. I love football. With Freedom Net i hope to get work experience while also having fun.

Jhordan Bolton

Hello, I'm Jhordan Bolton, also known as Jay. Im 16 and I go to Cleveland HS. I am a Freedomnet journalist fot the Rainier Beach Community. I plan on graduating high school with atleast a 3.5 GPA, and going to Julliard.

Justin Gabriel

Justyn Busch

Hello viewers, my name is Justyn Busch and my hometown is Burien,Washington. I would love to become a big part of history once I lived my last day on earth. I am interested in topics like politics, community, youth development, as well as business. I am a leader of leaders of leaders to become legends. I want to inform everybody in south seattle about what exactly is not being broadcasted to everybody's plain sight about whats going on in the world and or what is about to change in your life.

Kathya Alexander

Kenneth Horyst

Khalia Mowatt

King Nisby

Meet Youth Engagement and Clean Crew Worker King Nisby. He joined RBAC in the summer of 2018. He plans to be a Trader/Investor.

Lawrence Tyler


hello my name is Leonard Grundy - Adams and I'm a senior at Cleveland high school class of 2012 and i am a part of freedom net. I love sports and the arts, basketball and dancing and I'm hoping I can get into I.I.T.T.

Lorenzo Green


My name is Angeles L. Roman Bacilio, but people call me "Lizeth" and I'm a student at Rainier Beach High school. I'm a citizen journalist with Freedomnet. My interests are drawing and acting. At Freedomnet I'm hoping to learn more about the community.

Makayla Miles

Makayla Miles is a Southeast Seattle Freedomnet Journalist.

Malina De Leon

My name is Malina De Leon, I am a current senior at Rainier Beach High School. When I graduate I plan on joining the Air-Force But I am interested in anything that helps express oneself. One of my personal favorites is Photography I have taken photography classes this passed year and continue to advance my photos each day.

Mariam Bayo

Mariam Bayo is RBAC's resident CQI. A quintessential part to RBAC's growth, she's been part of the organization since the genesis as a Youth Engagement Worker. She's now graduated from Rainier Beach High School, and is on track to becoming a RN while currently at Seattle Central College.

Mariama Diallo

Marisol Santos-Perez

Marisol is a part of Restorative Resolutions, focused on preventing gun violence and providing healing to the community through circles and community events.


Meron Mekonnen

Hi, my name is Meron!

Messiah Fagerholm

I joined the freedom net group almost right after I graduated from Rainier Beach High School. I have a talent for photography and digital art, I work with some of my best friends at work while I aspire to be a VFX film artist .

Mikhel Allison



My name is Matthew Moseray a.k.a Money Matt. i go to Cleveland high school where I'm a junior. I am interested in the arts specifically music. music has been in my life for a long time and it basically helped shaped a lot of who i am. music also opened my interests to writing as well. One day I'm planning to takeover the entertainment industry and clean up the mess that's been distributed to all of us. in the mean time I'm just hustling to keep my grades up



Hi, my name is Monica Salazar I'm a sophomore at Rainier Beach High School.I like to read and listen to music.I'm interested in FreedomNet because I would like to learn more about the Rainier Beach community.


My name is Mariah Scott and I am a Freshman at Rainier Beachh High School. Some of my recent accomplishment include becoming a Citizen Jurnalist for FreedomNet. One of my quotes are , "Don't complain about the problems in the community, change the problems in the community ." What I plan on accomplishing within the next three years, is very good grades and a mindset for preparing myself for college.

Natalia Skolnik

Oumunique Williams



Rebecca Chung

Richard Tran

Ridhwan Salat

As a Farm Stand Fellow, Ridhwan gained experience with community engagement, teamwork, social media, and surveying.


I'm a fun guy who is very active and loves to have fun!!!!!!!! I'm a junior at Cleveland high school. What makes my life is the arts. I love performing and watching people do what they do. I feel that's the way for everyone to express themselves and for them to show how they're really feeling.

Roseandre Valcin

Hey everyone, my name is Roseandre Valcin. I love to play Basketball & My Goal is to go Pro in the Wnba! I also like hanging out w/ friends & meeting new people. I'm the type to stay Active, have fun, make people laugh & yeah just have a fun time. What I look forward in the Rainier Beach Story Guild program is to Succeed these 3 Months & use the tools I learned throughout High School & College!

Rosyva Valcin

Hi, my name is Rosyva Valcin and I'm a freshman at Franklin High School


My name is Robin Rojas I am a recent graduate of Rainier Beach High school and a Freedom Net journalist. My favorite quote Is "Absence from those we love is self from self - a deadly banishment". In the next three years I look to accomplish being in college and choreographing major performance for my school of choice in london. Along with teaching part time and taking a culinary class because I am infatuated with food of cultures. After my aspirations have been completed I look to travel and perform all over.


My name is Yerenia Urbina, I go by Rain.I am a sophomore at Rainier Beach High School. I am a Freedomnet journalist for the Rainier Beach community. I love to write and help my community be a better place.My favorite hobbies are writing, making jewelry, playing basketball, baking and helping others. I also am part of the Transit Justice Youth Corps.

Safiyat Bayo

As an engagement worker, Safiyat gained experience with community engagement beautification, nutrition, public safety, social media, and surveying.

Samuel Woldemariam


Sharlayna Prentice

Sharlayna Prentice is 15 and enjoys playing frisbee, singing and dancing. She loves writing because she get to express her feelings. She realizes if you’re stuck at a point where you can’t say what you have to say, it’s always good to write it down

Shayla Lockart

Shemar Phelps


Hello! I am Sahla, and I am 17 years old. I attend Cleveland High School as a Senior. I am a freedom-net journalist. My favorite hobbies are Ultimate Frisbee and Soccer. I live in Seattle, WA. I love the rain. My favorite color is purple. I love to cook and help people, that's why when I graduate I would like to go to study pre-med so I can help people in my life and in my community.

Takeysha King

Takeysha King is 17 years young. Born and raised in Seattle, Takeysha King is not only a hood writer but is also a teenage author with two published novels. When she is not writing , she's writing. She never stops writing!

Tamar Mowatt

Tamar joined SE Seattle FreedomNet as a freshman at RBHS. He plans to be an automotive engineer in his future. He enjoys playing sports like basketball & football. The best part of living in RB is feeling like you are a part of the community.


My name is Tila Coleman and i joined the freedomnet project because here i get a chance to voice my opinions and listen to others opinions on their community. change happens for the good, but not all the time. some times change can affect people in the wrong way and here problems are realized and solved



Hello my name is Taya Heyward i am a senior at Rainier Beach high School am very active in the arts i do Drill team and i am a singer . i love being around positive energy and am very outgoing

Tina Brigit

As an executive assistant Tina supports everyone within RBAC when needed.


Vanessa Ingram

Wanjiku Kamau

Wilson Zheng



Yasmin Salim

Yobachinia Frazier

Zion Thomas

As a part of the Beach 5 program, Zion provides the capacity to other RBAC programs. He is currently the lead of YATTA Rising, a Circle Keeper, and a member of the Light Walk team.

Zolviz Keilani

Hey! My name is Zolviz, I'm a junior at RBHS this yr and I'm looking fwd to being a part of the RBSG.

Zykalla Hazelwood

Corner Greeter News