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Best Foot and Attitude FORWARD! : A Price Experience

Hello my name is Demitrus Price.  I recently was an intern at KUOW’s Radio Active program, and I took full advantage of this opportunity.   Radio Active is a six week internship where youth get to learn about the behind the scenes of public radio.  I learned how to create scripts for podcast shows.  I also learned how to audio edit.  I was blessed with a team of wonderful youth producers.  Nathan Friend and Jenny A. were our mentors. We all came together and improved our skills, and helped one other improve our storytelling.

One memory I’ll always cherish from KUOW is when we went out on assignment on one of the most beautiful days you would hope to find in Seattle.  My two new mentors and my team of youth producers went out and collected stories from local and international tourists visiting Seattle.

Farhan and I had a blast meeting new people and collecting interviews.  This experience allowed us to step outside of our comfort zones.  For example we interviewed new people and even had to face rejection when others turned us down.  Despite this rejection, we still remained relentless.

The way I came upon this internship was so random and unexpected for me, but I just went for it.  I put my best attitude and foot forward; and came out a success. I’m Blessed!  I created great stories and expressed myself!


Demitrus Price




See some of Demitrus’s work with KUOW on the RadioActive Fall Session Facebook page!

and his interview with Detective Cookie, “I am Somebody!”

About The Author


I am a social butterfly, a poet, and a hard working athlete. I am a great amateur boxer. I am a family man with big dreams, such as creating my own movies some day and helping people through media. I love being in my community helping however I can. I am a visionary with much ambition. I earn my opportunities and take full advantage. I have a huge humble heart and a deep logical mind with a positive outlook and attitude. I love learning, and I know I have many more talents and dreams I have yet to discover about myself.

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