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Art Walk Cars

It was Saturday morning at the Rainier Beach Art Walk.  The sun was so hot my skin felt crisp.  Gregory Davis (active community leader) and I walked down Rainier Avenue and chatted with artists at each community booth.

The first thing that caught my eye was the elaborate car art at one of the community booths.  I quickly found the owners of the cars, Thomas and Leonard.  As they talked about the history of car art, I realized how little was known about this form of art.

As I reflected on their art, I realized that there should be more awareness about car art in the community. Where else do we see car art? This unheard of creativity rides around in a compelling manner.  I was also surprised to find out that there were several communities of folks who create car art all along the West Coast.

Before I left their booth, I asked Leonard and Thomas one last question—“How long do you plan to make car art?”  Leonard said “Until I can’t drive anymore, which will be in about 88 years.”  And Tom said “Until I can’t make them anymore.” Both Leonard and Tom showed a lifelong commitment and dedication to expressing themselves in a way that is very eye-catching.

I hope that the Rainier Beach community gets to see more of this type of art.

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My name is Matthew Moseray a.k.a Money Matt. i go to Cleveland high school where I'm a junior. I am interested in the arts specifically music. music has been in my life for a long time and it basically helped shaped a lot of who i am. music also opened my interests to writing as well. One day I'm planning to takeover the entertainment industry and clean up the mess that's been distributed to all of us. in the mean time I'm just hustling to keep my grades up

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