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Family Growing And Growing Community Family

I am talking about family.  Family can be made of relatives, friends and community members.  Family is important.  For example, my family, the Adams, has a ball of fun.  We like talking about old times and having dance competitions for the kids.  Adults and teens have family basketball games, play board games, dominoes, and card games like Spades.

Some people don’t have families.  Some people grow up with no family at all, or have a family that did not show them love.  Some of us have great friends who have beautiful families.  They say- “Come be a part of my family and see how we get down.”  No matter what, most people that are struggling to find family will either find it in friends, relatives, or come to the streets for that all mighty family love.

Recently, at my family gathering, love was spread around.  Many family members attended our family celebration.  The most surprising guest was my cousin Tireck.  This was a big surprise because I haven’t seen him in a long time.  It was a joy seeing him here with me and still living.  I was so happy, I was jumping around.  So yes, family gatherings are always a big surprise for me.  And for the Rainier community, family as friends or real family will always be there for you no matter what.  True friends are family too.

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hello my name is Leonard Grundy - Adams and I'm a senior at Cleveland high school class of 2012 and i am a part of freedom net. I love sports and the arts, basketball and dancing and I'm hoping I can get into I.I.T.T.

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