Who Jhordan B Is

Her name is Jhordan but she likes to be called Jay. She’s 16 years old. She stands at a height of 5’4 1/2 . Dancing is her life from the time the beat starts to the time it ends. She loves wearing sweats, shorts, t shirts. Not very girly in her case. Basketball runs in her family; she loves it , but she’s not as serious with it as dancing. Jhordan would like to attend Julliard School Of Arts for 4 years and retreat back to Seattle and get her law degree at UW. She has more siblings then a lot of modern day families, She knows half of them but the other half serve in the Military. Jhordan B. loves herself for who she is and never wants to change that.

About The Author

Hello, I'm Jhordan Bolton, also known as Jay. Im 16 and I go to Cleveland HS. I am a Freedomnet journalist fot the Rainier Beach Community. I plan on graduating high school with atleast a 3.5 GPA, and going to Julliard.

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