Hispanic SeaFair

Top Two Highlights

1.The First highlight that I learned at the Hispanic Sea-Fair was that in Seattle their is a lot of help for Hispanics in case of they want to find jobs, or any different kind of help that they need the Hispanic Sea-Fair is there for them.

2. The second highlight that I learn was that the Hispanic community’s keeps tied together no matter what get’s in there way.

Most Surprising Thing Heard

I did not know that they nominate young women to be the Hispanic Sea-Fair Queen and princess.

What this event means for Rainier Beach

This event means a lot to Rainier Beach because there are a lot of Hispanic in Seattle that don’t know where to turn when they in help for any type of thing.

New Things I Learned

Different type of dances from different type of countries in Mexico.

About The Author

Corner Greeter Newz