“Home is where the heart is.”
Home to me is fun, warm, loud, crowded, comfortable, with the air flowing with my mommy’s cooking, filled with love, laughter, smiles, good times and most of all family. This place means a lot to me because I can be myself relax and chill. I feel safe, loved, connected and comfortable in my home.

A Memory that stands out to me about this place is when my family would have huge get togethers on hot nice sunny days, with the guys at my uncles next door, the women cooking up a storm at my house and the kids running around all over the place.

My favorite memory of my home is when my papa lived with us, and real early in the morning he would wake me up to go on a morning walk with him; we’d end up walking to the speed e mart down the block and I remember I would always get a blue Doritos chip bag with Mountain Dew.

I miss this place that I once called home.

About The Author

Hey! My name is Zolviz, I'm a junior at RBHS this yr and I'm looking fwd to being a part of the RBSG.

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