Just to inform the uninformed public about the ongoing discussion about the teachers staying on strike, last year washington was in the same predicament with talks with teachers unions about improvement and change that they feel is needed in order to improve the classrooms, as well as the students learning. There are many school within the Seattle school district that are underfunded and were shut down due to government fixating the “new recession budgets”.

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Hello viewers, my name is Justyn Busch and my hometown is Burien,Washington. I would love to become a big part of history once I lived my last day on earth. I am interested in topics like politics, community, youth development, as well as business. I am a leader of leaders of leaders to become legends. I want to inform everybody in south seattle about what exactly is not being broadcasted to everybody's plain sight about whats going on in the world and or what is about to change in your life.

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