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My first week a junior at Rainier Beach High

Its the second week of school, with a lot of new faces from the students to the teachers, and a few small changes in the school and classrooms. This was not how I was expecting my junior year to begin. Surprisingly it was cool. My teachers and classes were okay and so were the new people I met. This was the first whole week of school and the first week we were going to start our new schedule.  Monday, Tuesday and Friday were all classes 1-6 periods, and Wednesday and Thursday were academic success classes. This Thursday the student body hosted a Welcome back assembly. I was looking forward to this because it was nice having the entire school all together having a good time.

Finally, it was the day of the assembly. First period was my second period; I ate breakfast at break then it was fourth period and my academic class. About five minutes into my academic class the vice principal announced “Everyone, all classes on the first floor you may head down to the gym.” That was our cue to go. By the time we got to the gym everyone in my class was scattered everywhere. I walked in the gym alone.  It was packed already with students filling in the bleachers with loud music playing. The vibe was cool. Everyone had to sit with their grade level so I looked over to the juniors section right next to the seniors and made my way over, looking to see where my home girl was. I walked all the way to the top of the bleachers where she and the rest of my classmates were sitting. I took a seat next to her, squeezing in, noticing that everyone was trying to jam at the top. The assembly was about 30 to 45 minutes. Everyone was enjoying themselves. The class competitions and dance competitions were a ton of fun. My class won the first competition and then the seniors won the other ones. I enjoyed myself. It seemed like this was a great way to get the year started. I knew this was just the beginning of many more high school memories to come as a Rainier beach High School Vikings. To end the assembly our principal, Mr.Chapelle, dismissed everyone off to lunch. Leaving, everyone had smiles on their faces.  You could easily tell this was a success.

About The Author

Hey! My name is Zolviz, I'm a junior at RBHS this yr and I'm looking fwd to being a part of the RBSG.

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