Jayline Thompson

I interviewed my best friend Jayline Thompson.  He’s 17 years old and he goes to O’Dea.  I interviewed him because I knew he would make me laugh and he loves sports so I asked him questions about his favorite team.

What’s your favorite team?

The San Francisco 49ers.

What’s your biggest fear for this season ?

That the Seahawks might actually go to the playoff.

What’s the most difficult thing you’ve ever had to overcome ?

I broke my leg  in 2 places and I wasn’t able to play in the state championship game.

What is your outlook for the season?

That the seahawks crash and die. 49ers nation boy!!!!

What where you afraid of as a child?

Spiders!  Ohhh, I can’t stand them.  I’m scared of them.

Who is your childhood best friend?hatJay Bolton.  She is so abusive but I’ve known her for hella long.

About The Author

Hello, I'm Jhordan Bolton, also known as Jay. Im 16 and I go to Cleveland HS. I am a Freedomnet journalist fot the Rainier Beach Community. I plan on graduating high school with atleast a 3.5 GPA, and going to Julliard.

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