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Average Bus Taker
This photo was taken by the Rainier Beach Library. A brief description of the photo contains is what seems to be an average man waiting for the bus. He is sitting on the curb by the bus stop. I chose to share this photo because I see more than an average man waiting to go home or to work. This photo represents a community at work and how the outside can feel like a second home when a journey has become routine. This photo helps me understand the community more and how being successful takes dedication.

Imagine No Limitations
This photo was taken between the corner of Rainier and Henderson in the middle of an open courtyard. A brief description of what this photo contains is a local student-artist named Ronald looking into the sky imagining. I chose to share this photo because there are very few moments in the day when we stop to imagine or reflect. This photo represents the moment that we hardly use to think or imagine what we can or can’t do. Looking at this photo teaches me that students can learn to be successful through imagination and thinking outside of the box.

Passionate Refection
This photo was taken by South Shore High School by the back entrance of what seems to be a mini outdoor stage area. A description of this photo is young student-artist singing his heart out to whoever will hear. I choose to share this photo because if reflected what he loves which is singing. What it represents to me is doing what you love is always better than doing what has to be. This photo helps me understand that true success should reflect what you’re passionate about more than the amount of money you make.

Post future Work
This photo was taken behind Emerald City Bible Fellowship, a.k.a., Urban Impact. A brief description of this photo is an upcoming art center closer to the neighborhood, more orientated to the arts and led by the youth. I wanted to share this photo because there’s a lot of hype about the art center but not many know how much work is being put into it. This photo represents to me a building that is definitely going to bring a lot of change into this neighborhood. What may be learned from this photo is that to make change you have to be in the center or around the actual location to create it.

Path chosen
This photo was taken by the Rainier Beach
Library.  What this photo obtains is a local student on her way from Point A to Point B. I chose to share this photo because her shadow is headed the opposite direction of where she was going. This photo represents the path we choose can be different from where we end up. To be successful means to think about what you want and have to.

Rainier Health and Commitment
This photo was taken inside of a local gym of the Rainier Beach community called Rainier Health and Fitness.  A brief description of what this photo contains is a trainer at the desk. I wanted to share this photo because of the dedication that goes unseen in the community. This photo represents people working overtime and doing more than the necessary. This means putting in more than what is needed represents what’s needed to be successful and reaping the benefits later.

About The Author


My name is Robin Rojas I am a recent graduate of Rainier Beach High school and a Freedom Net journalist. My favorite quote Is "Absence from those we love is self from self - a deadly banishment". In the next three years I look to accomplish being in college and choreographing major performance for my school of choice in london. Along with teaching part time and taking a culinary class because I am infatuated with food of cultures. After my aspirations have been completed I look to travel and perform all over.

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