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Isis Photo Voice Poster

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Art in Rainier Beach
A garbage can is written all over. Orange and blue scribbled in graffiti like style. Someone might think that it’s destructive, ugly and makes the community look raggedy. But I think it’s a type of art. It depends on the eye. I like this picture because it shows art in a different way than you might not expect. When kids understand that there are different kinds of art then that will change their view on many other things.

Children can play
In the Rainier Beach area, at a park, there are lots of kids. They feel safe and are having fun playing with each other. In this picture there are two kids playing tetherball. They are having fun and they feel safe in a community that others claim is dangerous. No matter what the media or people outside of the community say, these children can still go outside and play with each other with few worries of violence. This shows that the community isn’t as dangerous as people try to make it seem.

Diversity in Rainier Beach
I took this photo at this farmers market/ open food area that had clothing booths and food booths serving different types of food.  This picture is of a Mexican restaurant made inside a school bus. It shows the diversity of rainier beach. It also represents independent workers who make money by themselves. They are also creative to make a restaurant with a sitting area and serving food inside of a bus. Students could learn from looking at this picture because it shows creativity, diversity, and independence all wrapped into one.

Hands That Have a Voice
This picture is a photo of an art piece that had water coming down the sides and two hands were placed on it. I like this photo because it shows that adults and children working together could make a big effect on the community.  Like the photo voice program that we are in, this photo would represent this project. The adults and students collaborate and try to make a difference in the community, by taking pictures about the positive things. That way it is more effective than just one person trying to make a difference.

Slide photo shoot
This picture was taken in Othello Park in Rainier Beach. I like this photo because it was taken by me and I set the whole picture up. I like it because it shows a group of people having fun. Everyone is smiling and laughing. Similar to the photo of the two kids playing tetherball, this photo shows that they could have fun no matter what people outside of the community think or say. These people in the photo are the participants who are in the program trying to change the negative view of Rainier Beach.

Stop the Violence, Use Your Talents
Inside of Rainier Beach high school there is a lot of great art. But the one art piece that caught my eye was this mural that said “STOP THE VIOLENCE, USE YOUR TALENTS” I like this picture because it tells students that you should use the talents that you have instead of using violence. In the long run your talents are going to get you far in life, violence doesn’t. When students come to school every day they look at that mural and it may inspire them to do better.

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