Ronald’s Photo Voice Poster

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Break Time
This is a picture of Robin Rojas posing with the running man. The reason I want to share this photo is because it shows humor in the picture. While Robin Rojas was working out he decided to take a break and pose for us. This photo represents that we need to take a break and enjoy ourselves more. What this photo says about how I learn is I take breaks in life to enjoy myself and I don’t just keep working which relieves a lot of stress for me.

Picasso out of Garbage
This is a photo of graffiti that was drawn on a beat down shed. The reason I want to share this photo is because the graffiti is really interesting to look at and what it means to me is that you can turn something that looks ugly and beat up into something that you actually want to look at. This photo can teach others that you can make a masterpiece out of garbage no matter how garbage looking it is.

You’re Never Too Old…
This photo shows two grown men working to help build the Urban Arts Center. The reason I want to share this photo is because people say that adults don’t care about what happens to this community anymore, but this picture shows just the opposite. We have two adults eager to help out and who are just excited as the kids to get this arts center up and running. What this photo represents to me is that adults do want to help out. And how it can help others learn is it can teach them to not judge a group of people based on other incidents and what you hear about them.

Butterfly Effect
This is a picture of a lovely woman named Athena working at Rainier Health and Fitness. I want to share this photo because it shows someone who is happy to be doing their job. This photo represents to me that our community is a happy community. This photo helps me learn because when I see other people smiling sincerely it makes me smile for some odd reason. And that keeps me from walking with a grimace on my face all the time. Also a smile could start a butterfly effect. If someone smiles at me I smile at someone else and they smile at someone and it goes on and on.

School Behind the Weeds
This is a picture of South Shore Middle School behind a hill with a bunch of weeds. The reason I want to share this photo is because people say weeds are bad and they don’t really like them because they choke out the other things growing. But the way this picture is taken makes it look pretty and nice to look at. What this photo represents to me is it represents that even though something has a reputation for being bad, in another perspective it can be looked at as beautiful. So this will help other students learn to be successful by telling them don’t let a bad reputation people have put on you affect you, because through someone else’s eyes you can be seen as beautiful.

This photo is of the Urban Arts Center that is being built for the community to come and express their selves. The reason I want to share this photo is because the group Empire consisting of a group of teenagers, along with the help of Urban Impact are coming together to build this arts center so anyone who wants to come can come and express what they do whether it be Spoken Word, Dancing, Singing, Rapping along with other things.
To me this photo represents hope for the community. It is something to look forward to. This arts center is a way for other kids to have somewhere they can be themselves and practice what they do or even learn something new from others. What this photo can mean to others and how it can help them is it can give them something to look forward to.

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I'm a fun guy who is very active and loves to have fun!!!!!!!! I'm a junior at Cleveland high school. What makes my life is the arts. I love performing and watching people do what they do. I feel that's the way for everyone to express themselves and for them to show how they're really feeling.

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