Category: Life-long Learning

Haitian Revolution

Have you heard of the Haitian Revolution? I’m currently learning that America was a colony under British rule, and that in the American Revolution, they were fighting for freedom and independence to be their own nation. In a...

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White Privilege

Take a moment of silence…   Inhale  Exhale  Thats oxygen  Thank God  For another day  Many didnt get to see the next day  Blood boiling cuz here we go again  With another case  Kyle Rittenhouse  What do you have to say? ...

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Crazy Summer

July 19th is when Ramadan ended, which is really sad because this only comes once a year. Making sure that we ask God for our forgiveness, repenting, and not forgetting to still do our good deeds, with or without Ramadan....

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Corner Greeter Newz