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Favorite Artist

Favorite Artist

Tenbeete Solomon who goes by Trap Bob is an artist. She has been an artist through multiple mediums, with a lens of social justice, and wants to empower the next generation. She is my favorite artist because she kind of reminds me of a black woman living in America. Since we stand up for what’s right, we want better things in our community. Also my favorite –we love to uplift our black women. I just love supporting women because we go through a lot especially with society. It is just a blessing being there for women. 

George Floyd death inspires protest arts 

It was May 30th, 2020, when people were tired of being silent… especially Tenbeete Solomon. Tenbeete Solomon paints the board laid across the windows of a branch of the &pizza chain—it is three blocks from the white house in Washington on June 4, 2020. 

Why I love the painting 

The painting says ‘’ Fight the power’’ with a woman with pink hair. Tenbeete Solomon says, “These are my girls. I love pushing boundaries I love creating things that don’t exist’’. I just love how creative she thinks like a woman, she thinks about things and brings them to life. 

“Everything we do [as Black people] is a form of representation and an opportunity to have our voices heard. While it can be bittersweet to suddenly get attention from audiences that have overlooked us for so long, it’s also beautiful to see and receive the recognition and support we deserve. Regardless of current events, we continue to be Black, successful, and in support of our communities.” 

Tenbeete Solomon works with Celebrities

She works with famous names like Missy Eliott, Senator Elizabeth Warren, she was recognized by my birthday twin Beyoncé for flexing: seeing women reaching their goal is amazing because women are always in the back of the bus never in the front. 

Why women need to work with other women

Women are not always recognized for the things they do, they are always told to be housewives. Women want to hustle too and we want the world too, not just men.

Art as a form of activism 

This is very important because her art is based on what we are going through right now. She expressed herself through her love of arts and knowing who she is as a young woman. Being in this industry, as a self-taught woman, you can face challenges, but that just makes you hungry and you can go after success more. 


About The Author

Fatima Kabba

Fatima is a journalist, poet, and podcaster who continues to grow while working as a Corner Greeter at RBAC.

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