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Crazy Summer

July 19th is when Ramadan ended, which is really sad because this only comes once a year. Making sure that we ask God for our forgiveness, repenting, and not forgetting to still do our good deeds, with or without Ramadan. Ramadan is a holy spiritual month where you try to give up your unrighteous habits and try to connect more with your creator. It is a blessing to get to see that year once again because not everyone gets to make it to Ramadan. When Ramadan comes, I try to spend a lot of my time with my creator because I never know if I will be able to see Ramadan next year. I pray to my creator to see Ramadan next year. It was a very busy day, because the next day was Eid, and I still wanted to spend more time with my creator. Spending less time thinking about my outfits, or thinking about what I should wear for the Eid Prayer because the last ten days of Ramadan are very important. Sometimes we tend to forget that those last ten days that people like to get prepared for the Eid prayer, I did this with my family. 

July 20th marks the start of Eid; it is when we get together and celebrate our accomplishments. We get together with our family and greet one another. After the prayer we will give out money to the young ones, we would thank the creator once again for making us see the blessed month. The first day is about connection to your family and the next days are filled with celebration. Having fun with our family, having cookouts, and being in community. On July 21st I went to a picnic with all of my friends and we all got dressed up for my first picnic. We went to Jefferson Park. We took pictures, and after that we ate some macaroni and cheese, Dominos pizza, fruit, and rice with chicken. It was super delicious! 

At the end of the picnic, I was trying to take my friends home, who lived in West Seattle. This was my second time driving to West Seattle, starting from my house. Making my way there, we were lost! My GPS was acting up, and my friends were panicking in the car, and I was driving. It was so stressful. My other friend was laughing. My emotions were all over the place. But luckily I put my faith in my Lord that I would get there safe and sound. After about thirty minutes of driving we finally got to our destination. 

My goal was to be outside all Summer. I would say I fulfilled that goal. I had a long Summer, but it felt very short. I went to a party in Columbia City on July 23rd that I regret going to, because I was very hungry for hours. I hadn’t eaten anything because I had told myself, I am going to a party, and I am going to feast! But I guess I was wrong. I learned a lesson that day. Always eat something before you go to a party, just in case you can’t eat something there, or aren’t serving food! I am not going to lie, I dressed up very well, and took very nice pictures with my friends, and that was the time that I left. 


About The Author

Fatima Kabba

Fatima is a journalist, poet, and podcaster who continues to grow while working as a Corner Greeter at RBAC.

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