Deep Seattle @ club volume

Deep Seattle @ club volume

June 1st 2013 I would have to say is the best dance battle and dance exsprience I have ever had.
Deep Seattle is an event that will now be held every fourth Saturday each month in celebration of our dancers in the community. Many different styles popping, locking, wacking etc.. I went to this event to support two close and local dancers Robin Rojas and Dez Chatman. Instead of just being there to support I learned about a. Lot of different dance styles. Also I’m a dancer myself my style is krump. Since this event I have been going beyond my only style to trying to learn all stylesM. M.





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Hello my name is Taya Heyward i am a senior at Rainier Beach high School am very active in the arts i do Drill team and i am a singer . i love being around positive energy and am very outgoing

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