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Lake Washington Apartments Night Out Interview

Guyanthony Parramore and Daughter

I interviewed Lake Washington Apratment resident , Guyanthony Paramore. I asked him four things about living in the apartment complex.

Top Two Highlights:

  1. Location. Guyanthony has a 3 year-old daughter, so the preschool and the park inside theapartments is very useful. Lake Washington Apartments also are located near two grocery stores; Safeway and Saars.
  2. Diversity of people that live there. Since he is a people watcher, he loves looking at all of the different interactions (or non-interactions) between people of different cultures and/or religions. Lack of communication between people in the complex, is due to many barriers including language.

Most Controversial Thing Heard About The Building:

  1. Rumors that the complex is “Ghetto” or the “Last place on earth you would want to live”. But there have been many changes in people’s mentality of the apartment and it’s not quite the same as before.

Most Suprising Thing Heard About The Building:

  1. How well the building is kept up. The grounds and landscape is very well manicured and groomed and there have recently been improvements, including bulidings and maintenance care.

Possibilities and/or Impacts for the Community because of the Event:

  1. Mostly meeting new people that you may not have known were living in the same area as you.

About The Author


My name is Mariah Scott and I am a Freshman at Rainier Beachh High School. Some of my recent accomplishment include becoming a Citizen Jurnalist for FreedomNet. One of my quotes are , "Don't complain about the problems in the community, change the problems in the community ." What I plan on accomplishing within the next three years, is very good grades and a mindset for preparing myself for college.

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