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Hands up don’t move!

I said 

Hands up don’t move!

This is what I hear when I press rewind on 

The video: screaming “hands up don’t shoot!”

See you’re trying to figure out how come we do the things we do

But I’m asking you how do you expect me to be okay on the way my world 

Is ruled?

When you got police officers busting caps on our people

With a taste of victory

Click clack bang 

Another man dead

Mama’s eyes are swollen & red like fire from all those tears she shed

Nanas thinking when will this ever end cause this shit been going 

On ever since

Ever since they took black people from their home land

And brought them here  

Got our blacks & browns in cells like caged birds

When society predicts on my future 

When you got my people divided up into groups like 

That does us any good

The government putting drugs into the hood 

Having my mind in loops

Trying to understand how does a color person get years

but a white man be out at the hear 

And wonder why my heart turns cold from all that I fear.


Marisol Santos-Perez


About The Author

Marisol Santos-Perez

Marisol is a part of Restorative Resolutions, focused on preventing gun violence and providing healing to the community through circles and community events.

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