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Social Media

‘’When you’re growing up. You probably want to get a big-time job somewhere, they look back at your Twitter account and they see the things you’re putting out.’’-Chris Lammons freshman football player Social media can be used in a good way or in a bad way. For example, teens use social media to show their life. Teens can also like to get attention by showing their life and they sometimes can get bullied from that attention. In order to understand this topic, it is important to know about what you post on social media can affect your future, Concerns about social media on teens heaths and Social media can be helpful sometimes 

One main thing to know about social media is what you post on social media can affect your future. According to Text#1, ‘’Ten high school students were accepted to Harvard University but then Harvard changed its mind. These students had a harmful group chat on Facebook.’’ This shows that you should not post anything that you are going to regret. According to text#3, ‘’Coach’s say they drop these recruits for bad online behavior’. Some player is even losing out on scholarship offers’’. This means that you should be careful this is all-important to know because you don’t want your future job to see what you post right so don’t post anything that you will regret. 


One further thing to know about social media is concerns about social media on teens. According to text#2 ‘’Social media use has a bad effect on some young people. It can cause worrying and feelings of depression this means that teens are comparing themselves  to other people on social media. According to text#4 ‘’In 2015, twice as many teens used electronics for five or more hours a day. These teens had a higher risk of suicide’’. This shows that too much time on social media can make you feel unhappy about yourself and feel depressed. This is important to know because you should not be on social media too much. In order to understand social media, it is a necessity to know  it can be used in a good way or bad way. Teens should love who they are as a person. It is important to know about this topic because you should explore the real world. Your phone is a fake friend.


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Fatima is a journalist, poet, and podcaster who continues to grow while working as a Corner Greeter at RBAC.

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