The Dangers Of Cell Phones

The Dangers Of Cell Phones

Are cell phones dangerous? There are so many people who feel that cell phones are not dangerous. They feel like no harm will come to anybody who uses cell phones. Well, I have to disagree because cell phones are now taking over as a leading cause of grade depreciation, blindness, car accidents, and ear cancer. Cell phones are dangerous, whether you know it or not.

One reason why cell phones are dangerous is that they take away from school work. Students can’t even focus because he or she is so worried about what other people are doing. They waste all their time on their cell phones when they could be doing their school work. The people who say, ‘’I don’t have time to do my homework’’ often just don’t use their time wisely. Cell phones have literally destroyed American education.

Another reason why cell phones are dangerous is that they can give you cancer. I know that making cell phone calls encourages the growth of tumors in the brain and can damage the nervous system. The cause is electromagnetic field radiation (EMF), or cell phone radiation. Imagine your young ones have phones and are on it for hours and hours. That’s not good, and needs to stop now.  

The last reason why cell phones are dangerous is that you can meet strangers online. Some people lose their life over this which is sad. Just because you meet someone online doesn’t mean you know that person well. You just know them from social media. Also, they could be catfishing you.

You can see cellphones can be dangerous because they take away from schoolwork, they can cause cancer; and you could meet someone online that’s not what they seem to be. This shows that students and many adults shouldn’t use cell phones. 

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Fatima is a journalist, poet, and podcaster who continues to grow while working as a Corner Greeter at RBAC.

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