Should the voting age be lower than 18?

Should the voting age be lower than 18?

by Fatima Kabba 

Should 16 or 17-year-old youth be able to vote?

Maybe, because some people don’t have the mindset of others. Some 17-year-old youths may be more mature to vote, but others have a very different mindset. Minds are still growing at that age – especially at 16. If they were able to vote, I think it would be a 50% chance that youth would even take advantage of the right to vote. Some teens may think that their votes don’t matter – and a lot of people, even now, think the same.

Should students be able to vote in the School Board of Directors elections? 

It should be school related because youth spend eight hours of their day in classrooms, and that is where they spend most of their daily life. Being able to vote in any election that is about education would directly affect youth. Schools should be able to educate teens about the voting process so that they can be informed about those opportunities.Teaching teens the voting process by voting in elections is a great learning opportunity. Also, we should recognize that teens are still growing and developing their attitudes. It is important to allow that growth and practice together in partnership with the schools. Voting in school related elections gives youth that chance.

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