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A Poem

A Poem


Dear dark skin females,

My beautiful chocolate females.

I know how you feel. We go through a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean lot!

We are easy targets. People make fun of our skin.

They call us many insulting names, like burnt biscuit, burnt cigarette, gorilla, etc.

Every disrespectful word hurts my soul.

It’s like a bullet goes through my body and it kills me!

It’s like I want to disappear from this earth.

Why do people make fun of us? Is it because our dark skin is a gift from the creator?

Is it that our skin shines brighter, whenever we are out in the sun?


Our melanin stays on ten! We should not have to feel like we are not good enough!

Did you know that some dark-skinned ladies bleach their skin, believing they are not pretty


But let me tell you this: bringing someone down will never help you reach your full potential.

Stop the hate, because it hurts. Furthermore, it’s impolite!

It makes dark-skinned ladies feel horrible and worthless about themselves.

We must appreciate our skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.

If my skin were lighter, would you still make fun of me?

About The Author

Fatima Kabba

Fatima is a journalist, poet, and podcaster who continues to grow while working as a Corner Greeter at RBAC.

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