Corner Greeters

You may have noticed some Rainier Beach High School students involved in the “corner greeter” program.  Our students getting involved with this community program are Oumunique, Mariam, Jeremiah C, Jeremiah W, Alexx, Daniel, and Yobachinia.

This program has been going on since June 2015. It focuses in on areas with youth violence and changes it with creative interactions.There are many different kinds of activities that the corner greeters use to engage the community in positive conversations, like trivia, water balloon toss, heads up, Pictionary, open mic, and other game tournaments.

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Sharlayna Prentice is 15 and enjoys playing frisbee, singing and dancing. She loves writing because she get to express her feelings. She realizes if you’re stuck at a point where you can’t say what you have to say, it’s always good to write it down

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