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When Did Bullying become Cool?

When did bullying become cool in the eyes of a human being? Why do we truly put people down to feel good about ourselves? When did talking about someone’s race, weight, disability spark fun in the eyes of our own.

That girl you and your friends made fun of yesterday she had these things called feelings, at home she was called those same exact names. Before you came around, school was the only place to escape the thought of not being good enough.

You probably don’t care, but that same girl just wants to be accepted. She wants to escape the world where she doesn’t feel wanted.

I’m sure you still don’t care.

But what about that boy you and your friends talked about. The one whom “shoe game isn’t up to date” that same boy who sits in front of you “but stinks” but that same boy wakes up every morning to take showers at community centers because his mom forgot to pay the water bill.

But you and your friends still laugh because you don’t know what it feels like to struggle. You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and NEVER had to touch a broom, why should you have to when you have maids?

You still don’t care though; I’m just talking.

But years later, that kid that is getting laughed at, that’s your kid! Your child, who you brought to school to learn, not to judge on their popularity status. What if your child wasn’t mentally strong enough to handle all that came with being a child? So they took their own life. How would it feel planning a funeral for a seed that’s yet sprouted?

Then you’ll care once it’s too late.

In Their Own Words

There is Nothing positive that comes out of bullying, it doesn’t make the bully a better person. They Lose respect – Adama

Getting bullied made me push harder and reach goals because I wanted to do better than what they thought of me –Shamari

Bullying is weak, you carry the tittle THE BULLY for the rest of your life, words are just words , what them hands do tho? – Takeysha King

About The Author

Takeysha King

Takeysha King is 17 years young. Born and raised in Seattle, Takeysha King is not only a hood writer but is also a teenage author with two published novels. When she is not writing , she's writing. She never stops writing!

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