How do you run from something that chases you?

How do you run from something that chases you?

You can hide and peek around bushes

You’ll always be in fear

Always trembling in thought about the “What If?”

When you lay down in the dark

You can’t sleep because your mind is still awake

Running in thought about the “What If?”

While your body lays in bed, paralyzed

Lying there stiff with a heavy weight on your chest

You can’t see anything but darkness

You can’t breathe because there no longer air

If you’re lucky your leg might twitch

Waking you up for another day
Another night

A sleepless night

Where darkness brings out fear and thoughts

Thoughts of the unknown

Thoughts of fear aren’t the things that happen at night

Those thoughts will become the things you see
You hear
You smell

And if you get to close it might touch you

Even if you try to ignore these things

About The Author

Da'Lite Williams

Dalite Williams is 17 and was born in Seattle,Wa. She enjoys writing to share her own personal vision with others. When she's not writing she enjoys drawing and listening to music.

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