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24 year old August Reynolds had light brown skin and light hazel eyes, with long silky hair to the middle of her back. She sat in her bed on a Sunday morning as the little bit of sunshine outside shined through her curtains, writing in her journal while warm tears slowly began to flow down her face while she thought about her past. August was a very quiet girl but was known to have a quick temper from her rough childhood.  She always held her tongue but now that was no longer an option.

August grew up in a household with her mother and father, who were married for 26 years. August had a younger brother named David. Their life as kids wasn’t all that great; their mom and dad wasn’t good at giving them family love. David never got the love from his mother Mary that he wanted.  August never got the love from her father James that she wanted. At the age of 15, August got into a car accident with James.  James died from the car accident and August suffered from broken ribs and a broken leg. With her father gone, that left August, Mary, and David, who was 13 at the time. Mary went into a deep depression after James’s death.  She became an alcoholic and would abuse her kids. August remembers her mother hitting her upside her head with a bottle and hearing the words from her mother that she thought she’d never hear.  “I hate ya’ll.  Why couldn’t it be ya’ll instead of my husband,” as she fell to the ground crying, chugging alcohol down her throat like it was water.  Those words bruised them forever and caused them to lose a lot of respect for their mom.  They both began to look for love elsewhere. David went to the streets where he thought running the streets and getting females was the love Mary didn’t give.  August got a boyfriend but was really looking for the love her father didn’t give.

When August turned 17, she moved out into her boyfriend Michael’s house with his mother Celeste who was also a single mother. She welcomed August into her home with open arms. She was so tired of dealing with her alcoholic mother, who had gotten worse since she lost her job. David was now 15 years old and in and out of juvenile’s, always running the streets, smoking and drinking, trying to be a part of the cool kids. August was just grateful that Celeste welcomed her into her home with open arms.

August lived with Michael for 4 years at Celeste’s house until just before she was turned 21.  That’s when she and Michael decided to move into a two bedroom apartment because August was now pregnant with her son, Micah.   She started taking cosmetology classes so she could work in a salon.  4 years later, August was taking care of her 4 year old son Micah with Michael, and working in a hair shop downtown. Michael was a construction worker, but lately their relationship had been going downhill. August hadn’t had a relationship with her mother in 8 years.

Boom! August thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her front door.  She got up, wiped the last tears off her face, and looked through the peep hole.  It was only Celeste.  She opened the door and Micah ran in and yelled “Mommy”.  He ran  and hugged the back of her legs, then dropped his transformers backpack and ran over to his hot wheels laying on the floor next to his car track. Celeste walked in, sat down and smiled while watching Micah play.

“You want some water, Ms.Celeste ?” August asked.  She went to the cabinet to get a cup, filled the cup up, and dropped a couple of ice cubes in it and handed Celeste the water. The phone rang and she quickly picked it up.  “You have a prepaid call, you will not be charged for this call. this call is from David Reynolds, an inmate at a federal prison.  To accept this call, dial 5.  To decline this call hang up now.”  She dialed 5 and went to her bedroom for some privacy. 15 minutes later she came out the room and sat on the couch right next to Celeste. “Guess who just called. It was David. He said that our mom came to visit him in jail and he wanted me to give her another chance in my life.  But, honestly I don’t want to because I don’t trust her.”

“That’s a good thing August,” Celeste said.  “Give her a chance to repair your relationship.  You haven’t seen each other in 8 years. Parents makes mistakes.  Nobody’s perfect, August.  At least give Micah the chance to meet his grandma for the first time.”

“If I don’t trust her with being in my life,  why would I trust her with being in my son’s life?” August asked.

“Just think about it, August.  Don’t be selfish and deny your son the right to his grandma because of what you went through with her. I got to go.  I’ll call you later on tonight kay,” she said while grabbing her bag and heading out of the door. August dropped her head, wondering if she should give her mother a chance after 8 years. Picking at her nails and biting the right side of her lip she thought hard.

2 weeks later she was at home on the couch waiting for her mother’s arrival. David had called August every day and finally convinced her.  He said their mother was a changed person, but August wouldn’t believe it until she saw her with her own eyes. Minutes went by  sitting on the couch in silence , the only noise in the house the sound of the refrigerator and Micah in the back playing with his cars. Finally she heard the light knock at the door.  Before she opened it, she stopped and thought that this is the person she has avoided for 8 years.  Opening that door would make a big difference.  When she did finally open the door, she quickly noticed 8 years of difference.  Her mother’s short hair, her face looking weak, and the black leather jacket that weighed down her shoulders.  Her blue faded jeans came to the middle of her stomach where her white tee was tucked. There was a long stare and a moment of silence before her  mother hugged her tightly.  She hadn’t felt her mother’s hugs since she was like 14 years old.  August invited her in and they sat and drank tea. There was a lot to catch up on. She found out that her mother hadn’t been drinking anymore and had gone to rehab.  Mary now volunteered  helping homeless people. After almost an hour of them talking, having good laughs they had never shared, Micah came running out the back room.  “Oh, Micah.  Look its your Grandma Mary.”  He looked at her confused.  “No, that’s not my Grandma Celeste.”

“You’re right.  This is mommy’s mom.  You’ve never met her before.  Say hi, Micah.”

“Hi…” he said very softly, shyly climbing onto his mom’s lap and tucking his head into her chest.

“Awh, don’t be shy.”  Micah had a downturned face looking his mom into her eyes, then lying his head on her chest. August knew that the decision she’d made was the right one.  It was going to just take time to process that she actually had her mom now and Micah finally met his grandma.

Months passed and everything was still going great.  August and Michael’s relationship was finally better after going downhill for a while.  Mary was playing a bigger role in her life.  Mary picked up Micah every Saturday to take him to the park.  They were starting to build a relationship together. David was happy that they’d been able to repair the relationship.  And August was happy that her brother convinced her to see the brighter side of their new mother and give her a chance. Out of all the hurtful words said, tears dropped and things changed, August knew that this one decision she made had a positive effect.  Not just on her but on her family as well.

To be continued……

About The Author

My name is akea gaines. I am a sophomore at rainier beach high school. My interest is working , photography and arts and music.

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