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Transit justice youth interview

What is your name(s) ?

– Tanisha Scott , Maraiah Scott , Alex Oliver , Yerenia Urbina.

What is your organization ?

-Seattle Justice youth organization

What is your biggest fear in the community or organization?

– People don’t have transportation and are not able to get to their destinations safely.

What is your outlook for the community?

– Having the community working together and creating a safe place for getting to your destination safe, and kids getting to school safe and having bus fare.

Describe your ideal volunteer or community member.

– Someone able to reach out to people who don’t care too much about community of transit problems.

– Someone who cares.

– Someone interested in the community that’s caring and dedicated.

What is your biggest challenge?

– It’s hard getting people to understand the role of our job.

– The community doesn’t see transit as a problem.

– People don’t understand youth transportation issues and the struggles for students to get to school.

Are things going like you expected this year or have you been surprised ?

– Going as expected, but it takes teens to take the first step. There has been change in the group. Starting with youth will make the change.

– In the meeting with Kevin Desmond, Metro’s General Manager, we were surprised that he was not aware of most of the transportation problems in Rainier Beach.

What’s next for your group?

– Another bus mural

– Attend the School Board meeting for students to get orca cards for better transportation.

-Trying to start this program at RBHS for students who want to help and be a part of it.


About The Author

My name is akea gaines. I am a sophomore at rainier beach high school. My interest is working , photography and arts and music.

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