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Zac Davis Story (Rainier Beach Community)

This interview was conducted at the Rainier Beach Art Walk on Sept 7th with local artist, Zac Davis.

What is your biggest fear for your community or organization?

– Watching what makes our 98118, what makes it so diverse, & so rich. Fear that makes our 98118, this phenomenon that makes up the Rainier Beach community.

What was the most difficult thing your community or organization has overcome?

– Regarding community issues, it is hard to generate support & interest. A lot of people thought the organization was interesting but it was difficult to get  support for the situation and get people involved.

What’s your outlook for your community/organization?

– Going further with the project and having  state wide exposure.  It is far from finished.  We definitely have more projects to create.

Describe your ideal volunteer or community member?

– A person who wants to see growth in their community, a person who wants to see us get the resources that the community needs. Someone who wants to see their people & have a voice, wanting a vision & to be heard. One that speaks on what’s needed.

5) Are things going the way you expected with your community/organization? Have you been surprised?

– They are going the way I expected but not exactly as I want. There are some things good in the community, but things aren’t exactly where I hoped them to be. I have mixed emotions about some things that haven’t changed at all. The Community needs to speak on what we want to be changed.

About The Author

Hey my name is Da'Shayla Cheatham. I'm a sophomore at Cleveland High School. I have many interests. I write poetry, I write songs, I dance. I'm not that into sports but I love Basketball & Volleyball. I am a proud worker for RBSG. I love writing. I have a passion for voices, for words, for music. Everybody deserves a chance to be heard, everybody is a somebody. I hope you enjoy my articles as much as I enjoy writing them.

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