Open Session

Top 2 highlights:

1. Event was cre4ated by for Dancers to practice who ever and when ever.

2. Its close to alot people car wise and highway wise as well.

Most Conversial:
1. Not advertise well at all its hard to reach folks for Practice.

How it Affect the RB Community:
1. IT will allow other dancer to change up there style and challege each other

About The Author


My name is Robin Rojas I am a recent graduate of Rainier Beach High school and a Freedom Net journalist. My favorite quote Is "Absence from those we love is self from self - a deadly banishment". In the next three years I look to accomplish being in college and choreographing major performance for my school of choice in london. Along with teaching part time and taking a culinary class because I am infatuated with food of cultures. After my aspirations have been completed I look to travel and perform all over.

Corner Greeter Newz