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Hunger Action Week

United Way of King County is going to have a Hunger Action Week. In order to get more information from people living in the Valley about their food experiences, what kinds of programs and classes they’re interested in, and to provide information about all the great community garden resources in the area, we are organizing a big volunteer project to distribute surveys in the community on March 24. We will meet as a big group to do some survey training at 9:00am at South Shore School on March 24 and then our volunteers will go out to key locations in the community (like Safeway, the library, community centers) to distribute the surveys and collect responses. The survey will ask people about where they like to get their food, if they use resources like community gardens, if they have issues affording healthy foods, and what kinds of food programs they would like to see more of. We would like to use the results of the survey as a guide for supporting more projects in the Rainier Valley. Learn about the Hunger Action Week: Register as a volunteer or volunteer group if you decide you would like to help with the survey: Since the Rainier Valley is such a diverse community, we especially are looking for bilingual volunteers (like Somali, Vietnamese, or Spanish speakers.) Also learn more about the Rainier Valley Coalition as a whole:


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