Update on the Urban Farms and Wetlands

when spring hits at the farm we will be :


– working with Rainier Beach High School on some ecology unit science field trips to get them ready to go to the Elwah dam deconstruction on the Olympic Peninsula to do some field research and also to connect the students with the community design process that will be going on for the farm this coming year.


– hosting the East African Farming project four hours a week: this is a partnership pilot training program with Seattle Tilth and Horn of Africa Services.


-hosting Ground Up Organics youth employment program three days a week


– hosting Saturday community work parties every Saturday from 10 – 3.


– hosting field trips from students at South Shore and South Lake schools.


– hosting an intern program for people who want to get more involved with the farm.


– working with the Friends of Rainier Beach Farm and Wetlands, Seattle Parks, and the Department of Neighborhoods to create a site planning process for the farm.


Some of the produce that we grow in 2012 will go into our new Good Food Box program. This is an affordable organic produce distribution program which we are going to start in 2012 . Our goal for the first quarter of 2012 is to distribute 10-15 boxes per week through two or three community partner sites.


Some of the produce that we grow in 2012 will be sold to local restaurants, meal programs, or grocery stores.


Katie Pencke

Program Manager, Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands

Seattle Tilth

5513 S. Cloverdale St.

Seattle, WA 98118

p 206 760 0500

c 206 992 7034

f 206 633 0450


www. seattletilth.org

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