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Rainier Beach Community Center Advisory Council Meeting

Top 2 Highlights:

1.The Community Centers lost a whole year to re:construction.

2. Seasonal restriction , community planning oct.26.11

The most controversial thing heard:

They have been told everything is on track and on scheduled but is going to take too long to make it happen.

Most surprising thing heard:

The Rainier Beach Community Center is not opening until 2014, emailing contractor for an update on construction.

Possibilities and/or impacts for Rainier Beach:

Making statuses on construction, getting R.B.C.C , back running.

New things learned:

ARC, meaning Associate Recreation Council, oversees program and finances.

What questions did you ask:

Why is the Community Center being closed until 2014?

Who did you ask:


What was the response:

The community is so old to run more activities, like the roof is all cracked on so the city wants to close it, to rebuild it.

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Hi there my name is Asha Hassan. I'm a freshman at Rainier Beach High School.writing is one of my favorite things to do it's how I cal down with my problems and express my feelings. Joining freedom net was one of the coolest things of me doing cause it's all about writing.

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