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Mid-winter break

Hello my name is Leonard Adams and for the community their was different events that it would be safe to be in and also for different reasons as well on why would we go places that are safe for us so so we can not be doing things that we shouldn’t be doing mid – winter break was one heck of a time for me and my friends we had all played safe by watching television , going to the park , walking the dog , and enjoying the beautiful cold blue sky so yeah basically I was having one good time a i rested up and slept in real good even I went to ocean shores for the first time in my whole life and it was very fun and it was very cold out there I mean freezing cold but i had a great time and i went with young group from the emerald city bible fellowship church we bonded and we also got along very well so when I came back I had to get ready for a Krump event called K.o.K and it stands for kill off kounty hosted by Demolition crew north the event was very fun and a lot of people’s had dance skills and it was shocking even my friend robin Rojas dance at the event as well against a dancer by the name of UNO and it was buck its something that dancers use for a slang word so yeah I had a great time and it was very safe environment and also I met some people after words and they were talking about how Krump needs more people involve and also get some more dancers in so we can build up the demolition crew north so we can have more followers and leaders.

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hello my name is Leonard Grundy - Adams and I'm a senior at Cleveland high school class of 2012 and i am a part of freedom net. I love sports and the arts, basketball and dancing and I'm hoping I can get into I.I.T.T.

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