Tila’s Photo Voice Poster



This photo is about Kubota Garden. Kubota Garden is a Japanese-American Garden. It represents a place where can discover all different types of flowers right in your neighborhood. It is also a place where you can have weddings and other events. It contributes to student learning because it captures Japanese culture.



This photo is about Seattle Public Library in Rainier Beach. I would like to share this photo because it is a place where everyone can go. The library represents a place to read, to learn, to research, and a quiet place to do work.


This photo is about South Shore K-8 School. This school represents hard-working teachers who go the extra mile to make sure every kid succeeds. They also have assemblies geared towards each individual culture. Kids learn about their culture and others.


This picture was taken on the street next door to Mayas. This is a picture of a record store. I wanted to share this photo because it is a place where you can purchase music in the community. This photo represents music, culture, and the arts. This helps other students be successful because they can learn about different music genres.

About The Author


My name is Tila Coleman and i joined the freedomnet project because here i get a chance to voice my opinions and listen to others opinions on their community. change happens for the good, but not all the time. some times change can affect people in the wrong way and here problems are realized and solved

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