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Gregory’s Photo Voice Poster

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Beer Sheva – Where Families Learn Together
This is a park sign with an open field leading to Lake Washington, across from Rainier Beach High School. Beer Sheva Park is the traditional location of the Rainier Beach Back2School Bash – where students get inspired about education. It represents a place where families grow and learn.  When families have open space to develop and grow together, they are better able to support the students in the household learn better.

Rainier Beach Learning Garden – The Start of Something Big
This is the gateway to the Rainier Beach Learning Garden with plots of vegetables. It is the beginning of an effort to teach youth to grow their own food, connecting with the Atlantic City Urban Farm. It is a place to get closer to one’s spiritual self and provide a learning opportunity. A garden is a microcosm of student development – provide a nurturing environment, plant a seed, provide it with nutrients, prune – and you get successful results.

Northwest Tap Connection – Exposing Students to the World
This is the sign on the Northwest Tap Connection Building.  I have witnessed world class performances of young people who participate in this program and want others to know about it too.  This provides an opportunity where anyone’s dream can be supported.  When students of any age are allowed to realize their potential, the high tide raises all ships, in other words everyone excels even teachers.

Paul Robeson Performing Arts Center – the Jewel of the Neighborhood
This is the entry way to the lobby of this Center that is the jewel of the neighborhood, the heart of our artistic community.  We want to enhance its use.  This is a place that, if utilized correctly, will help transform our neighborhood.  Having a role model such as Paul Robeson is essential to learning and success.

Mapes Creek/52nd Avenue Walkway – The Connection
This is an amphitheater with youth art that leads to the entrance of Mapes Creek.  This could be a pathway that has environment and economic development implications if we all looked at it that way and not as an alley to get me to Safeway.  This pathway provides an opportunity to connect the environmental and economic assets of the neighborhood. Whether young or old, we gotta know the assets in our neighborhood so these assets can be positioned as spaces of learning.

Rainier Henderson Plaza – The Heart of Rainier Beach
This is a paved plaza in the foreground with South Shore K-8 in the background.  I want to encourage the neighborhood to program this space before the wrong people do.  This is a place that if utilized correctly, will help transform our neighborhood.  Learning can occur inside or outside of a building… especially when everybody is looking.

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