My name is Fatima

My name is Fatima in arabic it means ‘’An abstians woman”’. 

 There’s  not a single soul on earth who compares to me. I’m not bossy, I’m a boss.

 I  Been having all the sacue, Ain’t nobody  noticed me i been working like a G.  

I just put my faith in Allah you see. 

I find it so dope, that you find me so cute beaucuse if beauty had a price I’ll be priceless and more expensive than a brika bag.

 Let me introduce myself  once again, Fatima. One of the prettiest things in the room, Matter a fact I’M THE PRETTIEST IN THE ROOM.

About The Author

Fatima Kabba

Fatima is a journalist, poet, and podcaster who continues to grow while working as a Corner Greeter at RBAC.

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