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Touchstones Video Premiere!

The journalist from SESeattle Freedomnet had got together with Touchstones to make videos about locations in our community to shoot what we thought was great or fun about that location. Some locations included: Rainier Beach High School, King Dount, Link Light rail, Beer Sheva park and Urban Farms & Wetlands. So on August 4th we got to debut our videos to the public. We had food & refreshments while we watched all of the videos that were produced.


Top 2 Highlights:

1. Watching what people had to say about Rainier Beach High school. How they feel about it & how what people think about the school is completely wrong & they shouldn’t judge a school by the things they hear from other people.

2. At the end of the premiere the editors of the videos received gift baskets for their hard work. Darcy from Touchstones surprised all of us by giving us gift cards , umbrellas, and Wing Luke Museum Passes!


Most controversial thing heard:

People think that Rainier Beach high school love their school and think they shouldn’t be judged by rumors spread by people who don’t go there. People say that Rainier Beach is bad and kids bring guns but the people in the school beg to defer they love their school and think that people shouldn’t judge them or their school.



Most surprising thing heard:

Mr. Davis recognizing the journalist for their hard work and contribution to working with Touchstones. Saying every members name & giving shout-outs to every journalist. It was great to hear him because he wasn’t able to attend the premiere because of a family wedding & it was very surprising and thoughtful of him to do that!



Video link:

Beer Sheva Park


About The Author


Hello! I am Sahla, and I am 17 years old. I attend Cleveland High School as a Senior. I am a freedom-net journalist. My favorite hobbies are Ultimate Frisbee and Soccer. I live in Seattle, WA. I love the rain. My favorite color is purple. I love to cook and help people, that's why when I graduate I would like to go to study pre-med so I can help people in my life and in my community.

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