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Rainier Beach Community Advisory Committee Meeting

By Christen Blackwell

The most interesting thing heard:

  • What this meeting talked about is ways they can improve things about the Rainier Beach Community Center.

What should we prioritize?

  • Job training
  • Outdoor water feature-city enviorment
  • Youth programs esp. youth/adults/teens
  • Free programs/ scholarships
  • Community Meeting Space
  • HelpingĀ  homeless teens
  • services for outreach
  • Encouragement in the community

What we should keep doing:

  • Childcare/infant/adult groups
  • Babysitting
  • Youth employment
  • Pool water Activities
  • Supportive staff
  • Staff assigned to RB must be engaged and supportive of community
  • Welcoming, responsive, connected to community, representative of community
  • Be moreĀ  flexible, active listeners, committed, care about
  • Cap0eria
  • Latenight – having more than sports, more arts and crafts!
  • Teen space -create opportunities for adults and teens to interact in impactful ways.
  • Fun trust
  • Showcase

About The Author


I am Christen Sabrina Blackwell and I am junior at Rainier Beach Highschool!!! I am a Freedomnet journalist for the Rainier Beach community. What I plan to graduate from high school with a nice GPA of A's and B's!!!!!!!!! Also going out of state for college to experience my own life out of Seattle Washington.

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