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Sahla’s Photo Voice Poster

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1. The Past is Affecting the Future

Dunlap Elementary School has a mural in the back of the building containing portraits of well-known heroes such as Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, and Mother Theresa. I picked this picture because it represents how we can learn from our past history through positive people. We can learn from positive people that our actions and thoughts can help change our community to make it the way we want it to be.

2. What Positive Things Come From RB Library?

There are 27 Seattle Public Libraries. One is the Rainier Beach Seattle Public Library. Imagine picking up a book and enjoying it, to the point where you want to read more to learn. Not for a class or for teachers but for yourself. When going to the library you have positive staff members and librarians willing to help you find any sort of thing you need to make your day easier and better. When you pick that book, you learn and feel good in a positive place that is safe and peaceful, without distractions and that what makes the library a positive place.

3. Improving your garden

The learning garden is right next to the Rainier Beach tennis courts. Hard to notice, but in the spring and summer this garden stands out like no other. To help improve your garden you can have kids help you. It engages both you and the kids to enjoy a special time together in the sun. Kids can also learn that your neighborhood can look beautiful by planting a simple seed.

4. Artistic Finger-Painting Children

The painting shows words that kids wrote about how they feel. Kids just don’t make words up like joy and fun for no reason. When kids use those words they are truly describing how they feel. Finger-painting can help a kid learn you can have fun with peers and others. Adults help kids learn that you can have fun without doing something in a negative way that can affect others.

5.   The Statue of Companionship

Located at the Rainier Beach Seattle Public Library, sits a 3 person statue of kids reading a book together. The imagery of the statue is showing how you can learn from your peers and books. By having friends with you; you can laugh and enjoy yourself while reading a book of your liking. This statue shows the theme of companionship.

6. A Child’s Laughter

When you hear a child’s laughter, the sound of it just brings you joy. The picture shown is in a learning garden with the word “JOY” stuck in the ground with kids’ fingerprints around it with paint. This shows learning in a positive way, by doing an activity that is fun and exciting. Teachers and parents encourage their kids and/or students to have fun. When teachers and parents do this, it makes kids learn positively instead of learning in a negative or boring environment.






About The Author


Hello! I am Sahla, and I am 17 years old. I attend Cleveland High School as a Senior. I am a freedom-net journalist. My favorite hobbies are Ultimate Frisbee and Soccer. I live in Seattle, WA. I love the rain. My favorite color is purple. I love to cook and help people, that's why when I graduate I would like to go to study pre-med so I can help people in my life and in my community.

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