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More than a Farm Stand, It’s a Community!

More than a Farm Stand, It’s a Community!

Rainier Beach welcomed a farm stand, the first of its kind, on June 9th, 2018.  A farm stand is a smaller version of a farmers’ market.  It is important to support farmers markets because they support local farmers, help protect the environment, and allow you to get fresh seasonal food. And of course the Rainier Beach Farm Stand provides these benefits.  Yet, it also provides something more meaningful.

The Rainier Beach Farm Stand is located at the Ethiopian Community in Seattle.  If you are anything like me you didn’t realize this place existed at first.  In the short months that I have worked here, I have learned a lot about Ethiopian culture and traditions. I even had my first taste of Ethiopian food during the Farm Stands grand opening. Anyone who visits is welcome to tour the center. Inside, a Cafe serves amazing coffee and traditional African snacks. In the community center, there are murals, pictures, and displays, all dedicated to Ethiopian culture.

The Rainier Beach Farm Stand welcomes everyone with open arms.  Different people and cultures come together to enjoy the fresh healthy food.

In addition to bringing together different cultures, the Rainier Beach Farm Stand is also providing job opportunities for youth.  It is teaching me and four other fellows valuable jobs skills that we will use far into the future. Every Saturday involves setting up tents, tables, and displays for all the produce. After the day is over, cleaning up, and the inventory process begin. The value of hard work is definitely showcased in every part of the farm stand. It’s a valuable learning experience for us and hopefully next year for future fellows.

Every Saturday provides a new wonderful experience at the site, such as  a little boy reaching his tiny hand out for more raspberries, the smiles that light up people’s faces when they taste the strawberries, the fellows having a dance competition, dancing with and interacting with our elders. It’s more than a farm stand. It’s a community and it’s ours. The farm stand is every Saturday from 10-2. 8323 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118 Parking is at the Medhane Alem Church. Hope to see you there!

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Makayla Miles

Makayla Miles is a Southeast Seattle Freedomnet Journalist.

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