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The Anthem: Cleveland edition

Cleveland High School is known for several things.  For example, we have the worst football and boys basketball teams; and our school is declining socially.  The only thing we are good at is academics.  Our success with academics is a good thing, but we still seem to be missing a spark – or more school spirit.  That’s why I wrote and composed our school anthem.

I first began working on the anthem in music production class, making a hot beat clap when the instructor said, “You should make an anthem for the school.”  I said that I would, even though at the time I didn’t want to do it.   Then I realized that I needed to show more school spirit.  We may not be the most compelling school, but what other school can say that they have an anthem that has written and composed in a hip-hop style.  I worked for four weeks on making the lyrics, making the beats, and getting it recorded.  After I had finished the song, I played it for one of the after school directors.  She said she liked the song and would try and get it played at graduation.  It hasn’t been approved for graduation yet, but I am willing to promote this anthem through the school year.

This is the story, behind the story.  This is Matthew at Black Masters of Social Artistry saying good night and stay up.


[audio:|titles=Cleveland High School Song (Fly like an eagle Mix)]

About The Author


My name is Matthew Moseray a.k.a Money Matt. i go to Cleveland high school where I'm a junior. I am interested in the arts specifically music. music has been in my life for a long time and it basically helped shaped a lot of who i am. music also opened my interests to writing as well. One day I'm planning to takeover the entertainment industry and clean up the mess that's been distributed to all of us. in the mean time I'm just hustling to keep my grades up

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