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PTA/School Board Meeting on Desired Qualities for Superintendent

Top 2 Highlights

  1. The “Givens” want the superintendent to have ideas, is hard working, culturally competent, honest, people skills, communication skills and good judgement
  2. Have sympathetic leadership; working to get your results initiative.

The most controversial thing heard:
Be a superintendent who actually knows what they are doing, basically meaning don’t put a face on! Actually be the role model that you need to be.

Most surprising thing heard:

  • Have a good education for special education.
  • Good emphasis on their education so they can have a good vision on what they want.

Possibilities and/or impacts for Rainier Beach:
Demand high expectations!!!!

Other ideas heard:

  • Have more arts education to make kids really shine!!
  • Value rigorous teacher arrang

About The Author


I am Christen Sabrina Blackwell and I am junior at Rainier Beach Highschool!!! I am a Freedomnet journalist for the Rainier Beach community. What I plan to graduate from high school with a nice GPA of A's and B's!!!!!!!!! Also going out of state for college to experience my own life out of Seattle Washington.

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