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RB Freedom School BLOC Party!
Corner Greeters
How do you run from something that chases you?
How to support your peers who have been through a traumatic event!
Rainier Beach A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth

Yobachinia at Rainier Beach Nite Out 2016

2016 Unsung Hero Awards

Presented at the 2016 Rainier Beach Back2School Bash.

RainierBAAMFEST 2016 Photo Booth

Rose Street, July 2016 – Mikhel’s View

Rainier & Henderson, July 2016, Cristal’s View

Rainier & Henderson, July 2016, Khalia’s View

Project Library

A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth (ABSPY)

Youth engaged in the planning, implementation and documentation of "Corner Greeter" activities and Signature Events to inform and engage the public at neighborhood "hotspots" through positive, fun activities.

Black Masters of Social Artistry

A special monthly arts magazine managed by a team of youth under a grant from the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative

Photo Voice 2011

Rainier Beach Photo Voice 2011 project focused on identifying community assets that support learning and education

RBHS Freedom School

CDF Freedom Schools is a six-week, high impact summer literacy based program that weaves together five key components: a culturally-infused integrated reading curriculum with weekly "I Can Make a Difference" themes; inter-generational leadership development; a "Day of Social Action"; family and community partnerships; and a nutrition and health program. Freedom Schools is a program of the national Children's Defense Fund. Sponsor partners served over 13,000 youth in 107 cities across 29 states last year. At Rainier Beach High School, we are the first Freedom School to be implemented at the high school level in Washington state.