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Rainier Beach High School Multicultural Festival 2015
Rainier Beach Town Hall Meeting 2015
206Rising Community Forum 2015
Seattle Mayor's Youth Opportunity Summit 2015
The Power of Music to Engage: City Peace 2014
These are Our Stories: The Gathering 2014
One Neighborhood One Family One World 2014
Journey of Rainier Beach Story Guild
Rainier Beach Community Center Grand Opening 2013
Rainier Beach Story Guild Highlights
Journey of Rainier Beach Story Guild

Journey of Rainier Beach Story Guild

Video presentation at closing celebration, highlighting experiences of the youth from the end of August through November 2013.

Hip hop, gospel, and all other MUSICIANS - TAKE NOTICE!

Hip hop, gospel, and all other MUSICIANS – TAKE NOTICE!


Sky Anderson

17 Year old Sky Anderson is also known as “Harmony” for her beautiful soft singing voice.  She was born in Miami, Florida to her mother, Lynette Anderson, and father, Jason Mathews. Lynette moved to Seattle, Washington in 1998, to the West Seattle neighborhood, after she and Jason broke up and he left her with a […]


24 year old August Reynolds had light brown skin and light hazel eyes, with long silky hair to the middle of her back. She sat in her bed on a Sunday morning as the little bit of sunshine outside shined through her curtains, writing in her journal while warm tears slowly began to flow down […]

Job Corps

Jennifer Tanner, an admissions counselor, works in this free federal program to help students get high school credit.  It’s like a college because you get to live on campus.  It gives you work experience and helps with jobs.  You get a $30,000 scholarship.  It is a 3 year program. Job Corps has been around since […]

Seattle Animal Shelter

Melissa is new to the Seattle animal shelter.  She has worked there for 6 months.  She works in pet licensing.  She is doing a lot of outreach, making sure people know about the pets and animals.  The shelter does a lot of animal adoptions.  Humane Society enforcement officers go out and investigate the animals.  The […]


A Beautiful, Safe Place

Strengthening the neighborhood through beautification increases public activity by 72%, and the more we know our neighbors, the safer we will be.

A Place for Everyone

Rainier Beach residents, long-term and new, will all have access to safe, healthy and affordable housing; access to transit; and a variety of vibrant commercial centers

Life-long Learning

An innovative, connected learning system that is strategically integrated into the neighborhood's cultural life.