Fighting the good fight against sickle-cell anemia

Fighting the good fight against sickle-cell anemia

To me, a hero is someone who is involved in the community for the better. My community hero is an amazing woman named Foxy Davis. Foxy Davis is a Sickle cell survivor who has helped many in their efforts to be heard and understood.

Foxy is one of the leaders in the Sickle Cell Task Force. She makes it so many kids with Sickle Cell in Washington know about each other and can bond. She is also a huge help in our annual Sickle Cell Walk and our annual Sickle Cell Camp. When asked why she does all of this, she responded, I wish when I was growing up that there was something like this for me. I just want my kids to have someone their age to lean on..

Foxy is also a mother to three lovely kids, two of which have Sickle Cell. Now to me having Sickle Cell alone is tough, but to be a mother to three kids where two have Sickle Cell is beyond amazing. Foxy is able to balance her work life and motherly duties on a daily basis. From work meeting to doctors appointments she does it all. She only spends small amounts of time on herself.However Foxy has the help of her amazing husband Jason. Together they fight the battles of Sickle Cell for Foxy and their three kids! Foxy Davis is a true community hero.


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