Kill Off Kounty 2013

Kill Off Kounty 2013

Kill Off Kounty biggest krump event for krumpers of washington. The live, OverBuck and gully begins. Brought to you by Demolition Crew North. I know some of you are wondering what krump is, right? Well it is a style of dance but for krumpers like me, it’s life, a get away, and outlet for our emotions and or praise dance. In case you guys are wondering my stage name is Girl CK . September 2013 the location is unknown but will come soon so stay tuned! Here is some footage from last year with Leo

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Hello my name is Taya Heyward i am a senior at Rainier Beach high School am very active in the arts i do Drill team and i am a singer . i love being around positive energy and am very outgoing

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