Equal Voices Conference

My top highlights

  1. I was proud to be in a real office, as if I had big dreams about my own life.
  2. Many of us poured out our ideas for the next meeting and what needs to happen, for example,  should we bring more teens to be involved.

The most surprising thing that I heard

  1. Everybody was shocked when I said, “Everybody can make it into a big house; just look at my older sister. She made it.  If she can do it, anybody can.

The most controversial thing heard

  1. Nothing really, I mean everyone was happy to get their ideas on the table.

What does it mean for the Rainier Beach community

  1. It means a lot because more teens need to be involved with projects like this because it shows you care.

Leonard Grundy – Adams


About The Author


hello my name is Leonard Grundy - Adams and I'm a senior at Cleveland high school class of 2012 and i am a part of freedom net. I love sports and the arts, basketball and dancing and I'm hoping I can get into I.I.T.T.

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