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Rainier Beach Community Council Report by Asha Hassan

Top 2 highlights:
The county trying to cancel the metro routes around the rainier beach areas.

Some people wanted to live in areas that are close to catch the metro and like the schools they want their kids to go too and the the stores the want to shop at.

The most controversial thing heard.
They don’t think the county could afford most routes to go where people want.

Most surprising thing heard.
What I heard was that, the route number thirty-six used to go to a lot of places and so then the county decided to cut down those stops and just let it go to some stops.

Possibilities and/or impacts for rainier beach.
Metros being decreased in the rainier area.

New things learned.
Some people have pay extra money to park where They live at, because of sound transit.

What questions did you ask:
Why do people have to pay extra money to park where they live at?

Who did you ask:
Ms. Fay

What was the response:
I think because they need money for the routes to be put on either more bus stops or more buses.

About The Author


Hi there my name is Asha Hassan. I'm a freshman at Rainier Beach High School.writing is one of my favorite things to do it's how I cal down with my problems and express my feelings. Joining freedom net was one of the coolest things of me doing cause it's all about writing.

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