Nov 102012

An open mic event called Empire Nights takes place on the third Saturday of every month.  This event brings us together as a community.  Everyone who comes to Empire Nights continue to help us grow stronger and celebrate one another—Happy Birthday Empire Nights.

Top 2 highlights of the event

1. I loved how everyone came out and showed so much love.  We really need to build an Empire Nights open mic  in every neighborhood.  This builds a strong community.

2. We were one big happy Arts family.

Most surprising thing I heard:

1. Mama Shawn singing was a surprise.  She has the voice of an angel.  I heard many other singers, but Mama Shawn stood out.  She was b.e.a.u.i.t.f.u.l..

What it means for the Rainier Beach community:

1. We continue to spread our love of the arts in the Rainier Beach community.  This means more people are beginning to show up to events.  More people in our community are also showing their love for the arts.

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